How I Define Father’s Day

How I Define Father's Day - Rose
How I Define Father's Day - Floral

When I was a kid, I used to get really sad around Father’s Day because I hardly ever see my dad nor know much about him. I would feel down and wonder how come I can’t celebrate the day with my dad like all the other kids.

Suddenly, one day when I was in junior high, I began to define Father’s Day a little differently. To me, Father’s Day doesn’t only have to be a celebration of dads but also all the incredible people who have touched me and represented a great fatherly figure in my life. I’m so lucky that I truly feel so loved by many growing up despite the fact that my real dad was never around.

I had great relatives who took great care of me and most importantly, special shout out to my mom who had to play both a mother and father role trying to raise me. She is truly a living angel and I couldn’t thank her enough for her love and patience.

So to those of you, who aren’t able to spend time with your biological dad today – you’re not alone. Use this special day to celebrate all the people who have made a difference in your life whether from a fatherly perspective or in general.



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